I am a student of The Sales Cycle. I have listened to many seminars where purchasing agents were the speaker. They all say that when you are in the purchasing position, you may think that you are in the “power position” but that is not always the case. When you are buying a product, you are also being ‘watched’ by the person you are gaining information from. They know you may or may not buy their product, but they also know that in the world of business all things come around. …

Teaching Repurposing Content at The Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp

We tell our private coaching clients all the time that when they have gone through the trouble to create content, you should be proud of yourself. Most of your competitors are…

Part 1 is giving your heart its due. Part 2 is now talking to your brain.

In this blog, I want to help you go through that decision process.

With the internet, it has become a much easier task than in decades past to check for potential viability of…

Let’s take the case of Tiger Woods. He has had challenges of many types in the last 3 years, but after the first 3 rounds of the 2015 Masters

Having worked with dozens of brand new small business owners just like you, we know the most exciting AND the most frightening question you will have to ask yourself before starting your business will come after you do an extensive search for ‘competition’ and find no one in your area is marketing such a business.

That question is “Why isn’t anyone doing this?”

More often than not, after a bit more research we have been able to answer that question with “Oh, THAT’S why.”

In fact, we had it happen to ourselves. We thought opening a publishing house for only…

If you have been to our Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp you have heard my story about the two brothers who own an auto parts rebuilding company…

Here is an example: When we have a client re-order 250 t-shirts with their logo on the front and the back, the acquisition cost was zero, because the client reached out to us. When one of our Private Business Coaching clients renews their yearly agreement, the acquisition cost was zero, so we are able to lower the cost of their business coaching investment.

Great job!

This blog post has some tips that are going to help you avoid a lot of the problems most small business owners just like you make because they were using seat-of-the-pants marketing.

If you have attended our Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp or almost any of our in person 90-minute master classes, you are familiar with one of the main…

The message from the governor was that he would open the state ‘not today, not tomorrow, but soon.’ And we were all supposed to ‘be ready for it.’

Most of the people who got to ask the governor questions seemed to have a previous relationship with him. And were reading prepared statements from their lobbying groups. Those groups are acting As If in their businesses.

They are…

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